incense cones

Buddha Incense Burner is compatible with all types of incense cones and will emit a large plume of smoke from his mouth when the incense is lit. This unique incense burner is designed to slowly disperse the smoke throughout the space as it expands, making the incense last longer and achieve wider distribution.

Choose from the 17 scents of Maroma incense cones we carry and ensure that you’re able to use your Buddha Incense Burner as soon as it arrives!


  • Burn one incense cone at a time
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas
  • Light the tip of the cone. Once lit, quickly extinguish the flame to allow the cone to smolder
  • Place the incense cone on the metal holder. DO NOT place it directly on the wood as it will burn the wood
  • If there’s not enough ventilation and the cone extinguishes, put a coin or similar object between the top and base
  • Do not leave the Buddha Incense Burner unattended while in use
  • Allow incense cone time to cool sufficiently before disposal
  • Use incense cones with caution if prone to fragrance sensitivity