How to Embrace Positive Thinking

At Buddha Incense Burner, we are firm believers in the benefits of positive thinking. We know from experience that it can help you begin letting things go and live a life as joyful as Laughing Buddha’s. However, we also know that it can be hard to do, especially at first. So we wrote this post […] Read more

Finding Happiness From Within

You’ve heard the tired phrase again and again: happiness comes from within! You’re probably sick of hearing people chant these words and no longer ascribe any actual meaning to them. Worse still, you probably don’t want to hear about happiness from a company that just sells cool incense burners. But we urge you to avoid […] Read more

Why No One is Bad at Meditation

Meditation is one of those things that nearly everyone knows they should do, but most people think that they can’t or they’re doing it wrong. The truth is that there’s no wrong way to meditate. Whether you zone out and let your mind wander or you focus on watching the smoke curling out of one […] Read more

What is the Meaning of Laughing Buddha

Whatever your race, creed, or religion, the Laughing Buddha can offer you a positive lifestyle example. However, many people are confused about the meaning of Laughing Buddha, confusing him with religious attributes or believing him to be some type of deity. In fact, whether you believe the Laughing Buddha existed or not, he is a […] Read more

5 Lessons Your Buddha Incense Burner Can Teach You

We talk a lot about happiness and laughter here at Buddha Incense Burner. We understand the importance of lettings things go and understanding that happiness comes from within. But where did we learn all these valuable lessons? Through thought, reflection, and inspiration. The inspiration mainly came from our beautiful, hand carved incense burners depicting the […] Read more

How Laughter Can Liberate You

Existing in a constant cycle of frustration and sadness is extremely limiting, but laughing and letting things go has the opposite effect. That’s part of the beauty of the Laughing Buddha philosophy. According to Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within, a book highlighting this philosophy: “Laughter is liberation.” We couldn’t agree more. Here’s how laughter can […] Read more

5 Effects of Happiness on Health

Laughing Buddha’s philosophy is about more than happiness for the sake of happiness. Indeed, the entire concept of Zen is about much more than being calm and happy. It actually has many positive outcomes. One positive outcome of seeking joy and letting things go is how it affects your physical health. As an example, here […] Read more

Why Choose Laughter Over Pride

Philosophical and religious belief systems are typically associated with solemnity and dignity. Even Buddhism can be practiced in this manner. But the Laughing Buddha and Zen way of life turn these concepts on their head, encouraging people to not take things too seriously and to laugh in the face of pain and suffering. The benefits […] Read more

Why True Happiness Comes from Within

You’ve probably heard the old saying before: happiness comes from within. And it is a nice thought, but not everyone knows how to put this into practice or why exactly happiness comes from within. According to the principles of Zen and the Laughing Buddha though, the reasons become fairly apparent.

7 Tips for Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom

Your sleeping space is an important part of your home and making it as calm and relaxing as possible is essential. Even if you ignore Feng Shui in every other part of your home, you should always make sure your bedroom fosters your mental and spiritual well-being. To help you out, we put together this […] Read more

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