About Us



At Buddha Incense Burner, we are a group of carefree individuals who strive to help others add meaning to the flow of their daily lives. Our hope is that by bringing Buddha Incense Burner to the West, we will allow people to discover new methods of relaxation and acceptance.

Although the practical application of Buddha Incense Burner is, quite obviously, to burn incense, we believe that Laughing Buddha has the capability to change the life of anyone he encounters. His kindness and loving nature can influence the attitude of those around him, and may even teach others lessons of patience and generosity.

The type of influence that your Laughing Buddha will have greatly depends on which depiction you select. A Laughing Buddha that is wearing prayer beads, for example, will cultivate a protective, mindful space, while a Laughing Buddha holding a bag will bring about good luck. If you are having trouble choosing a Laughing Buddha that fits you, feel free to contact us for assistance!

Whatever your path in life, Buddha Incense Burner will happily accompany you. We hope that you, too, find joy in your one of a kind Laughing Buddha.